Entry: A List of Personal Favorites Wednesday, September 08, 2004

The Introspective Circle
Boulevard Avenue
by ayen
"The hard part about publishing a public journal is practising restraint. There just has to be a rule about telling everyone about yourself; a protocol on self-indulgence; a ceiling that marks an entry as 'this is too much, delete it.'"
Caffeine Sparks "Is writing not preaching? Who wants to be a preacher?"
Old Light
by ailene
"This is just a blog. At the end of it all, I realize that it's really just a blog. Nothing drastic. It's not my life."
aka Ben
"When all the excuses are filed away, I will have to confront the fact that I might prove to be a mediocre writer, not an unrecognized Nobel Prize winner... But fuck it, Iím going to write anyway."
by shiro
"This is a travelogue of sorts... I use this journal as wayposts on my journey through life... The destination will always be there... Why must the trip be tedious?"
aka d.
"...I've been staving off ennui by writing sci fi stories about space pirates. Because I am nothing if not a thirteen year old boy dreaming he was a caterpillar."
Mayan's World "How to effectively kill creativity? Give it a day-job."
Mudslinger "I want to be immortal."
SoloFlite "I'm not a writer. My writing sucks. It's just damn horrible. I'm more of a Typer, actually."
Kuwentong Tambay ** Enter Column Data **
Philippine Culture and Politics
The Sassy Lawyer Philippine Law, Politics, Government and Culture
Ederic @ Cyberspace ** Enter Column Data **
Manuel L. Quezon III ** Enter Column Data **
ExpectoRANTS ** Enter Column Data **
Neverneverland ** Enter Column Data **
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Life, Love and Learning
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Jordan 7 Olympic
July 3, 2012   10:20 AM PDT
After London was voted to be the venue for the 2012 Olympic Games, speculations came out about Paris's loss on a slim margin. Then French President Jacques Chirac made comments that "the only worse food than British food is Finnish." http://www.jordan7olympiconline.com/
July 11, 2005   10:08 PM PDT
I never never never was here!

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